Applique, Quilts, Sewing

Sewing machine applique block

I managed a little sewing time over the weekend and put together the sewing machine block I posted about last week.  Here’s the inspiration picture:


And here’s the block:


I’m pretty tickled that the fabric I chose has tiny elephants 🙂  Now I just have to decide whether this is finished, or I should do some type of edge stitching.  Decisions, decisions.

Applique, Quilts, Sewing

A Foray into Applique

Hey, it rhymes!

Anyhow, I took a break at lunch to work on an applique design for the sample quilt I’m planning.  I want one block to have a sewing machine applique to represent my love of sewing and I’d been searching for the perfect design but none seemed quite right for me.  Then it hit me, they’re almost all based on the silhouette of older sewing machines, like the painted Singers of old, but I’ve never actually used one.  That’s not *my* sewing machine.  My modern Brother seems a little too sterile in design for this, so I’m going to attempt to make a pattern from my Grandma’s 1970’s (I think) green Kenmore.

So, first I hauled that puppy into a conference room and took a few pictures:


I printed the one I liked best and used a sharpie to trace the features I thought represented it best.  Then I threw that one out and tried again with a little less detail:


If you flip the paper over, the sharpie bleeds through and you get a better sense of what it will look like:


I think that will work, but my next step will be to cut out the shapes in colored paper and audition them, once I’m happy with that I’ll move on to actually cutting fabric.