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Fig’s New Clothes

When last we left our hero, Fig, he was a bit bare.  In need, you might say, of a fig leaf for dignity’s sake.  He needed clothes, Bud insisted.  So we found some paper (packing material from an Amazon box fit the bill nicely) and sat down together to make our patterns:


These are the 2.0 set, unfortunately I trashed the first set before thinking to take photos.  I’m new to this blogging thing.  At any rate, we made them by tracing Fig’s dimensions onto the paper, then adding some ease and seam allowances and drafting the shapes to resemble the shapes in human patterns.  Then I made up muslins for both the shirt and the pants, without bothering to hem them or add closures, and leaving part of the rear crotch curve unsewn to accommodate Fig’s tail.  We tried on the results, tweaked the patterns and made a new set.

From this second set I made a little shirt and it fit well enough that we added a velcro closure, and decided that it would be the back instead of the front.  Then I traced off the shoulder and side seams and made the vest pattern you see in the picture.  From that we sewed a little brown vest:


The shirt’s neckline is stay stitched (because I can’t be bothered with facings that tiny!), but the sleeves and back opening have a proper hem.  I need to get the shirt back from Bud and Fig to hem the bottom too.

The little pocket was added to hold Fig’s pet, a caterpillar named Stick.  Stick is made out of 5 small pom-poms sewn together.  The pocket was cut as a wider circle and then sewn to a narrower shape to force it into a 3D shape, as if it had a proper gusset.  I totally winged that on the fly, and it worked.  I wanted it to stand out from the vest so that Bud would be able to get Stick in and out easily.

The second round for the pants will have to wait until this weekend; I need time to contemplate how we’re going to work around that tail!  Also to come, how to sew a tiny back pack.  And if I figure it out, I’ll also be making a tiny tie.


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